Surviving The Builders

When having an extension or major refurbishment carried out on your home,  you will enjoy the process a lot more if you follow the tips below....


1.  Move out if at all possible.  You may think you can put up with a bit of mess and dust for a month or two, however builders arrive early, make a lot of noise and dust. Oftentimes customers prefer to be away from the noise, no matter how easy going you are!


2. Give the builders a key. You do not want to be responsible for letting them in and out constantly, you have trusted your chosen builder with your most valuable asset, so trusting them with a key should be easy.  (if you don't trust them with a key,  you have chosen the wrong Builder!)


3.  Make some areas off limits to the Builders.  Its perfectly reasonable to make some rooms off limits if they are not directly affected by the works,  and if practical, tape up the doors to these rooms to prevent dust getting in there.


4.  Don't make them constant cups of tea / coffee.Yes you will slow them down. It is far better to give them an area to plug a kettle in so they can make their own.


5.  Communicate,  if there is anything bothering you tell us straight away,  dojt allow it to become a major issue. we are here to help,  and if there is anything we can do to make the process more bearable just ask!


6.  Communicate some more, there's no excuse with email, whats app, texting etc.  Its better to over communicate than be disappointed that something is not as you thought it would be.


7.  Order special items in good time.  Don't rely on next day delivery for your fancy towel rail,  when the plumber is due the next day.


8.  When you are choosing fixtures and fittings don't be tempted by cheap (often imported) goods.  Not only will branded goods have a longer warranty, they will last longer, give you better service,  and you wont be paying again to replace them in 2 or 3 years time.


9.  Plan for day to day life. You may think you can survive without a functioning kitchen,  but this usually isn't the case (happily).  Talk to your Builder about how you are going to survive without your kitchen or bathroom for the duration of the critical works (See item 1 , move out).  It is often possible to set you up with a temporary kitchen etc.


10.  Don't change your mind after work is complete.  This is more of a budget tip than a survival one, but it will certainly increase the duration of the works if you ask them to do it again because you changed your mind.....


FRADD Construction are ready to help you survive your project,  so get in touch if you are!