The Truth About UPVC Windows

Upvc windows are the most popular material choice for Windows in residential property in the UK,  but why?


1. They are the cheapest option

2. They do not need redecorating

3. They are great at keeping the weather out.




All of the above is true but they are not maintenance free. By doing some basic maintenance you will increase the life of your windows.


1.  Clean the glass and frames thoroughly at least twice a year,  and more in coastal /city centre locations.  This will prevent the build up of grime and dirt that will eventually discolour the frames.

2.  Lubricate the friction hinges and multi point locks with WD40 once a year.  A small amount of WD40 on the hinges, open and close the windows a few times to make sure the hinges work smoothly, clean any detritus from the hinges, wipe clean with a rag.


How long do they last? 


Most upvc window guarantees have a headline 10 year guarantee, but the small print is typically as follows. 


1. Upvc profile is guaranteed against discolouration for 10 years

2. Hardware with moving parts, hinges, handles, locking mechanisms are guaranteed for 2 years. 

3. Sealed units are guaranteed for 5 years


Now most upvc windows will outlast the above guaranteed terms by a long way, basically the manufacturer / supplier will get virtually no warrantee claims for faulty products within these timescales. 




There are plenty of things that can be repaired  or replaced rather than having a new window fitted such as... 


1. Sealed units

2. Hinges

3. Handles

4. Locking mechanisms (if still available) 

5. Gaskets (if not coextruded) 


Terminal conditions


Things that cannot be repaired or replaced include... 


1. Coextruded gaskets

2. Cracked or discoloured frames

3. Locking mechanisms that are out of production 


If you need help with a replacement window, or repair options then get in touch with FRADD Construction.